TRITEK Fire-rated ACP Technology:

1. The most important technical key of this product is the raw material mixing formula and production process of the core material of the fireproof board. The mixing ratio of the key materials is controlled by the mixing temperature, humidity and uniformity, and the uniformity of the powder raw material is over 99.7%.

2. We have fully automated production lines, including automatic filling, mixing uniformity control technology, continuous extrusion process control technology, continuous drying control technology, composite molding processing technology, these key technologies have matured.

3. Continuous extrusion process control to ensure that the temperature, humidity, speed pressure in a specific environment to produce the appropriate chemical reaction to ensure that the flame retardant materials and inorganic materials, uniform bonding.

4. The continuous evaporation of water in order to ensure the degree of curing and curing the basic strength of the basic conditions, aluminum plate, polymer film, binder, inorganic flame retardant core material of the ultimate combination of solid and fully depends on the final Of the composite molding technology and the process parameter control.

5. The above technology has been thousands of times of various experiments to prove that technical performance and stability, the parameters have been tested, a technology is mature, reliable product quality, suitable for mass production.


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