TRlTEK A2 Non-conbustible MCP Core Materials

Tritek provides A2 grade Non-conbustible MCP core materials to MCP industry. The core consist of fire-retardant materials and pass the strict test of Intertek and reach the EN13501-1 European standard. 


The most important technical key of this product is the raw material mixing formula and production process of the core material of the fireproof board. The mixing ratio of the key materials is controlled by the mixing temperature, humidity and uniformity, and the uniformity of the powder raw material is over 99.7%.

Grade A (the highest fireproof grade) non-combustible core material keeps no flame in 1500℃ burning environment and the flame continuous burning time is zero. It can absorb large amount of thermal energy and delay surrounding temperature rising.

The core material contains no formaldehyde, benzene, asbestos or any other radioactive elements. It causes no toxic, smoke, odor when being burnt. These performance meets the standard requirements of green environmental material from global building envelop market.


Mininum Order Quantity: 1000 m2

Free sample is avaliable upon request.

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