TRITEK fire proof panels at BATIMAT 2018

2018-05-14 11:30:28 admin 33

From 03 to 06 April, 2018, the leading manufacturers and distributors of construction and finishing materials, along with the best Russian and foreign designers and architects, presented the novelties and premier collections of the new season at the largest exhibition area of the country, Crocus Expo IEC.

 Batimat 2018.png

TRITEK ACP fire proof panels had attracted a lot of attention during the Batimat. Since there are several big fire disasters happened in Russia these years, how to prevent the similar accident is a must for all building-cladding manufacturer and distributors.

TRITEK ACP panels have reached the European standard of Class A2, it is an ideal option to replace other conventional cladding materials. TRITEK panels has strong advantage to prevent the fire spread, but still can keep the positive features of the aluminum composite panels.


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