For soluble film


Name: Starch bio-based film-blowing material



1)   Made from natural starch

2)   Consumed by small animals and microorganism to be converted into carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and biomass in nature within months.
3)   Dissolves in hot water and softens in cold water.
4)   Very potential to be used as electronic components wrapping, where static electricity must be avoided.

5)   Harmless when consumed by animals.
6)   Safe for plant growth.


Degradable time after disposal: 3~6 months



Bio-based shopping bags, poly-bags, garbage bags, and general packaging.




Physical Properties Method Unit Typical value
Appearance Visual Translucent yo opaque film
Tensile Strength (MD)* ASTM D882 MPa 12~18
Elongation at Break (MD)* ASTM D882 % 150~200
Surface Resistivity ASTM D257 Ohm/cm2 107.5~1010
Solubility in Water at 80℃ Internal Method g/L 200
Oxygen Transmission Rate ASTM D3985 ml/100 in2/day 0.0235

*MD: Machine Direction


Product series:

TRW-10 can be water soluble in normal temperature.

TRW-20 can be water soluble in intermediate temperature.