PVA with Thermo plastic Starch (TPS)



PVAwater-solubleplastic film is a new type of environmentally friendlypackagingmaterial processed by special technique, which can be degradedrapidlythrough natural factors (H2O). Under the action of naturalfactors suchas microorganism, water, oxygen and so on, PVA can rapidlyandspontaneously denature, and be decomposed and degraded into lowmolecularcompounds. Besides, it can improve the land.

Modifyingstarchwith etherification, adding water, PVA, glycerol and otherassistingagent to the modificated starch to prepare all-starchthermoplastic thinfilm was studied.

Theplasticpolyvinyl alcohol (PVA) resin produced by our company has twotypes ofnormal temperature and medium temperature. It can completelymeet thedifferent needs of blown film, double tension film andinjection moldingproducts. The products are all processed with main rawmaterials in linewith national standards and environmental friendlyauxiliary materials.The product has good mobility and stableprocessability. After filmformation, the mechanical strength of theproduct doubles that of thewet-processed water-soluble film, and theunit composite cost isdrastically reduced. The product has strongadaptability to differenttypes of equipment, the operation is simpleand the production efficiencyis high.

  • Plastic polyvinyl alcohol resin

Plasticpolyvinylalcohol resin is obtained by modifying polyvinyl alcohol,mixing vacuumdried PVA evenly with plasticized modifier andfilm-forming agentsaccording to certain proportion in a high-speedmixing machine, extrudingand pelleting by a special screw extruder,then defoaming and blowingfilm and finally sizing.

extrudingand pelleting by a special screw extruder,then defoaming and blowingfilm and finally sizing.

Melt flow index 1.2~5g/10min·190℃·5000g
Melting point 170~180℃
Tensile strength(horizontal/vertical) ≥25MPa(Humidity 45~60)
Density 1.2~1.28g/cm³


· Water-soluble film

Water-soluble film has good gas barrier property, heat sealability, antistatic property, good mechanical property, oil resistivity and chemical resistance. Water-soluble packaging film has good oil resistivity (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fat resistance, organic solvent resistance and carbohydrate resistance. It can be applied to multiple fields such as agriculture, chemical engineering, embroidery, hydrographics transfer printing, pharmaceutical packaging and food fresh keeping.


Specifications values
Fold diameter 250~700mm
Thickness 30um~80um
Length determined according to specific requirements:100m~500m


· Manufacturing technique